This year's Uniting People for Peace music festival was a great success!  Please join us again next year in Plymouth, MA  on August 5, 2018 for the 2nd Uniting People for Peace music festival/songwriter's showcase.


In the spirit of inclusion, to gather together people of all walks of life and viewpoints to promote peace, patience, cooperation and  tolerance among all people. To bridge the common human bonds of compassion and empathy between all people. To promote peace, tolerance, compassion, patience, cooperation and empathy among all people.

The mission of Uniting People For Peace:

1) To promote peace, patience, and cooperation among ALL people.

2) To strengthen the common bonds of love, compassion, and empathy among ALL people.

3) To unite people of all views and from all walks of life in a united commitment to the mission of UPP

Uniting People For Peace

PEace LOve JOy - PeLoJo

For more information, please contact Sharen


Phone:  508-996-4054

Uniting People For Peace